How It Works

Every late afternoon you either fax us your specials for the next day or we call and you read them off to us. We type them up and fax them out to all the businesses in your delivery area the next morning.

Every Doctor, Every Real Estate Agency, Every Corporation In your DELIVERY AREA !!!

We can put the fax numbers together any way you want:

Are you a pizzeria in Manhattan and want to reach just the 2 Fifty-story buildings next door?

Are you in Orlando and want to reach all the businesses in a 2-mile radius of your deli? We can do it!

Are you in the city of Pittsburgh with 7 zip codes but only want to reach the downtown area?

IF JUST 1/10th OF THE BUSINESSES WE FAX YOUR DAILY LUNCH SPECIALS TO…THE DOCTORS, THE CAR DEALERS, THE STOCK BROKERS…Order from you just once a week, you’re making a big profit!!